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Updated: Jan 29

The Virginia Music Scene had two new familiar faces running the lead of the pack. WHPH757 and B.s.D Productions are two names that ring bells in the brains of many artists and creators alike. Bringing platforms of uniqueness and benefit to these collaborative groups of aspiring talent. These two men (CEO Big Boa, 7CityGhostBlanco) have been firing on all cylinders! Firing up music production, artists showcases, concerts and Productions of all types for artist to have a diverse option of platforms to choose from right here in Virginia. As a lot of artists believe they must travel outside of VA to receive recognition. From B.s.D Productions to WHPH757 Takeover events, Virginia has all it needs to put artists on the map to be seen! These companies show no sign of slowing down productivity, if you're an artist looking for opportunities, BOOM!


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